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Who Can Benefit

Individuals of all ages and levels of cognitive development can benefit from EAP. Clinical studies suggest that EAP is effective in treating:
Low self-esteem
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Behavioral problems
Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Tourette’s syndrome
Conduct disorder
Aggression and Substance abuse
In addition, clinical studies suggest that individuals suffering from chronic medical illnesses may benefit from EFP. With any medical illness emotional, cognitive and psychological issues may facilitate or impede compliance with and response to medical treatment. Diagnosis of medical illness is often associated with feelings of loss, depression, anxiety and at times confronting death and dying issues. Psychologists are becoming increasingly involved in providing mental health care and facilitating personal growth during such times of distress to both those who are ill and family members affected by the illness.

The unique relationship found between the client and the horse often leads to psychological benefits including:
Healing of past trauma
Feeling acceptance/belonging
Development of trust
Building social skills
Increased assertiveness
Decreased aggressiveness
Enhanced motivation
Improved problem solving skills
Improved concentration
Increased self-esteem and confidence
Improved communication skills
Improved listening skills
Improvements in self-control
Learning to master fears
Because the gait of the horse resembles the human gait riding may have physical benefits including improved balance, coordination, muscle strength and flexibility.

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